Snapchat Photos and Videos – Saving Process in Android

Snapchat Photos

Snapchat is one of the most used and the most popular Social Networking applications among the Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter. It can be seen that there were many users for this Snapchat and can be seen millions of downloads, people who use this Snapchat will use this regularly and this is a social networking app that will allow the users to upload the pictures which will appear for a specific amount of time which includes some edits in the application itself.

This Snapchat is more popular and famous for its filters which are designed inside the application. This feature of Filter allows the user to apply filters to your photos in real time while clicking the picture. Other interesting factor about this Snapchat is that the users can also send photos, videos and even text messages to your contacts that are on Snapchat.

The main feature along with the filters in Snapchat is that the messages will last for a certain amount of time, they will later expire after a short time or after the viewer once views the messages. This Snapchat is available for both the iOS and Android users and it can be observed that it is an most using Social Networking application now a days.

Snapchat Photos

Save Snapchat Photos in Flight Mode – Sender Don’t Knows

It is known that if we take a screenshot of an image in Snapchat it will alert the Sender of the image that the specific contact has done screenshot for the image. Now, if you want to take the screenshot of a picture in Snapchat without letting the sender know about that we need to turn on the Fligh mode in the device before opening the application. Firstly, go to the Snapchat and minimize it, then turn on the flight mode and then go to the chat to take screen shot.

This will not send the notification to the sender of the image, after taking the screenshot of the image what we wanted, it is recommended to logout from the Snapchat account immediately after the process is done. After this close the application and then turn off the Flight mode. Now, it is all usual that we can again log in to our Snapchat account and can see that the images we took Screenshot remains unseen after the second entry by the user.

Save the Snapchat Photos and Videos using Apps

It is known that earlier there were many applications that allowed the users to save the snaps in the devices. But, none of the applications are working on Snapchat because of the new updates. Interestingly, there were some applications available that were not built specifically to download the Snapchat images and videos, but we can use them to do so. The AZ Screen Recorder application will help to do this work in a best way.

Snapchat is considered as the best social networking application and it is mostly used to get some entertainment and to kill the boring time.